FAQs for Customers

It could be related to your email. If there are offers from professionals under your Received Bids, yet did not receive the associated “Received Bid” emails, we can assume that the emails are being sent but are getting lost somewhere en route.
Make sure that the “Received Bid” emails are not going to your spam folder. Add [email protected] to your contacts list, or find an email from us in your spam folder and click “not spam”.

We understand that not all requests are simple, so leave a comment in your service request description that you would like to meet the professional or require an onsite visit. Once you receive an offer from one of our registered professionals, you’ll be able to make contact with that specific service provider. You can message the professional to discuss the requirements in more detail or fix an appointment. Following this, if the bid needs to be updated, the professional will request the updates from our Customer Support Team. If the updated bid is to your satisfaction, you can accept the offer with your chosen professional or decline it accordingly.

After you submit a request, the professionals matched with your request will receive an email notification informing them that they received a client request and asking them to submit their offer. The service providers may review your request and those which are available to fulfil your requirements can bid on it. Professionals can contact you through our online messaging system to discuss further once their bid is submitted. If they do so, you’ll be notified about their message via email notification. You can also message any professional who submitted a bid, directly from the Messages tab or by opening your request from Received Bids and clicking on the Contact Me button.

Any images uploaded with service requests need to be approved by chooseabid.com. They will automatically appear once approved.

It will take time for professionals to build their reputation on chooseabid.com, as we don’t allow them to add reviews from past customers. To ensure reviews are honest, we only accept reviews from chooseabid.com clients. This doesn’t mean that professionals without reviews shouldn’t be trusted. We urge you to leave a review each time a service is completed, to help other customers like you, make more informed decisions. Meanwhile feel free to message the professional to help you in your decision.

In order to secure a bid, you must pay a 10% deposit (minimum deposit of €1.50) through our secure payment gateway.

No, chooseabid.com is completely free to use for clients.

No refunds will be issued once a deposit is paid.

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